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I have a feeling big things are going to happen. Potentially life changing events maybe. I don't know. It's the same feeling I got before my both my parents died or when I got the phone call about Jess comming to live with me.

Well, today was annoying. Kirk asked for 7 packets of sugar and then went on yammering about how they aren't "Earth friendly". Frigin Kirk. I think I might just throw him through the window one of these days.

Lorelai's dog Paul Anka still is acting weird. It better get well soon. Stupid dog.

Speaking of Lorelai, this morning when we were both sleeping in bed her stupid alarm clocked 'moo-ed' and it scared the shit outta me again. So she attempted to shut it off by throwing her arm over and hitting it but that resulted with me getting smacked in the face. Ow.

I'm going to go, Lorelai wants to watch a John Hughes (or something like that) movie. Again.

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