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Merry Christmas everyone.

Christmas was good.

Woke up at 5 because Lorelai thinks that the best time to get presents is at 5 freakin AM.

I got her one of those high tech coffee makers she's been bugging me to get, a bracelet with an engraving on it and a pair of those boots she wants. Jimm Choo's or something. I called in a favor to my friend up in New York. I gave him the money and he bought them.

Rory came by later. We had a movie marathon. I like that movie A Christmas Story. It's funny as hell when the kid screams, "I CANT PUT MY ARMS DOWN!"

I went to the cemetery later on. Paid my respects to Mom and Dad. Liz came too.

Then me, Lorelai and Rory went to Liz and TJ's then Sookie and Jackson's and finally to the town get-together. Damn Taylor.

I called them. Thankfully April answered. I said Merry Christmas and told her I got her a present. I hope I see her soon.
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