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The date was supposed to be June 3rd.

She had the dress, the flowers and even these weird sausage things.

But I had to mess something up.

Why do I always f- something up?

Why didn't I tell her? I love this woman and couldn't tell her.

April .. yeah. That's her name. I have a kid. It's out there.

Finally able to get that off my chest.

I. Have. A. Kid.


Still freaks me out.
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Merry Christmas everyone.

Christmas was good.

Woke up at 5 because Lorelai thinks that the best time to get presents is at 5 freakin AM.

I got her one of those high tech coffee makers she's been bugging me to get, a bracelet with an engraving on it and a pair of those boots she wants. Jimm Choo's or something. I called in a favor to my friend up in New York. I gave him the money and he bought them.

Rory came by later. We had a movie marathon. I like that movie A Christmas Story. It's funny as hell when the kid screams, "I CANT PUT MY ARMS DOWN!"

I went to the cemetery later on. Paid my respects to Mom and Dad. Liz came too.

Then me, Lorelai and Rory went to Liz and TJ's then Sookie and Jackson's and finally to the town get-together. Damn Taylor.

I called them. Thankfully April answered. I said Merry Christmas and told her I got her a present. I hope I see her soon.
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stars hollow.


Me and Jess are back from fishing. And no, sorry to dissapoint you guys (especially Dean) I did not push him in the lake again.

Jess is staying with me till Monday, when he goes back to Philly.

Sookie came back from Italy. Good thing, because Lorelai called me again to help the cooking crew with dinner again.

Lorelai is planning the wedding. She still won't tell me if she found a dress yet.

Rory is doing good at Yale. So is her friend Paris. Yes, I know her name now.

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I just need to clear my head.

Yes I'll have my cell phone, it will be on at night because I don't want to hear the insane ringtone Lorelai picked out for me going off when I'm sitting in the boat in the middle of the water.


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Diner sucks.

People suck.

Kirk should get kicked in the ass.

Lorelai and Rory are great. But Rory went to Philly to visit Jess? Where the hell have I been? .. Well I've been here .. not fully .. I think.

I think I might call them again. I don't know yet.

Thanksgiving was good. Sookie cooked like 3 turkeys. Liz and her Faire people were there. Rory got a kick out of the guy with no thumbs.

That Paris girl called Lorelai again. She creeps me out.

Jess making fun of Dean? Oh yeah, he's definetely my nephew.

Lorelai, I'm sorry I've been out of it lately. Just alot of crap on my mind. Nothing really important.
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me. weird.

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Something happened. Something big. I knew something was comming along. Fate sucks.

But a good thing .. Rory is back and she works at a paper and she's back in Yale.

I still can't believe it though .. it's crazy ..
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the family.

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I have a feeling big things are going to happen. Potentially life changing events maybe. I don't know. It's the same feeling I got before my both my parents died or when I got the phone call about Jess comming to live with me.

Well, today was annoying. Kirk asked for 7 packets of sugar and then went on yammering about how they aren't "Earth friendly". Frigin Kirk. I think I might just throw him through the window one of these days.

Lorelai's dog Paul Anka still is acting weird. It better get well soon. Stupid dog.

Speaking of Lorelai, this morning when we were both sleeping in bed her stupid alarm clocked 'moo-ed' and it scared the shit outta me again. So she attempted to shut it off by throwing her arm over and hitting it but that resulted with me getting smacked in the face. Ow.

I'm going to go, Lorelai wants to watch a John Hughes (or something like that) movie. Again.

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me. weird.

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Jess wrote a book.

He wrote a book .. and said congratulations about me and Lorelai.

He wrote a book, said congratulations and got a job.

And he lives in Philly!


Well, right now I better be going .. I'm going to stay over Lorelai's tonight. Well, mine. I don't know, what do I call it?